Kings Bluff


The current capacity of the LCFWSA Kings Bluff Raw Water Facilities is limited to approximately 48 MGD by an existing 14-mile, 48-inch prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) transmission main, which conveys raw water from the Kings Bluff pump station to the 3 MG ground tank located near Brunswick County’s Northwest Water Treatment Plant.   Projections for raw water supply indicate that the capacity of the Kings Bluff facilities will likely be exceeded by 2025 and additional infrastructure improvements would be required to meet future demands.   Subsequently the LCFWSA, CFPUA, Brunswick County, and Pender County have undertaken a regional approach to managing raw water resources from the Cape Fear River and to expand the Kings Bluff raw water system.  As part of this regional approach, a new 54-inch raw water main was completed and operational in May of 2022, it parallels the existing 14-mile 48-inch raw water main that was constructed in the early 1980’s. 

A detailed evaluation of the proposed 54-inch parallel main was completed in 2018, followed by design and permitting, was completed in the summer of 2019.  Construction of the new main began in November 2019 and was completed in April of 2022.    Kings Bluff facilities now enjoys an expanded transmission capacity of approximately 96 million gallons of day to meet future customer demands.  The $37.2M project was designed McKim & Creed, Inc. and was managed by CFPUA, with Garney Construction, Inc. as the prime general contractor.